Concrete Tile Roofs

Have You Considered A Concrete Tiled Roof

Concrete tile roofing is a very popular upscale choice for roofs in south Florida. The raw materials to make the tile are available here, and that helps to hold down the costs of manufacturing. We use three manufacturers that are fairly local: Crown in Arcadia, Boral in Pompano Beach, and Entegra in Okeechobee.

Tile roofs are a little more complicated than other roof systems, and if certain stages of installation aren’t installed properly, you could end up with an expensive new roof  that is prone to early failure.

The most important component in a tile roof system is the underlayment used under the actual tile. We use Boral  Tile Seal , a premium 60 mil thick underlayment that has a 30 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Because the underlayment that you use is so critical to the roof system, it is very important that you eliminate or at least limit any penetrations (nails or screws) going into it.