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Garage flat roof

Garage Flat Roof

Whether you have an old garage or if you construct a new one you should take into consideration the quality and the type of roof that you choose for your garage. You might encounter problems with a home inspector if you don’t have an adequate roof for your garage. He may cite your garage. And of course you want to make sure you have a stable and reliable roof that can face a massive rainfall.

A flat roof with sagged joists allows rainwater to pool at the center, rather than draining toward the roof edges. This is a common problem and it affects nearly all the so-called flat roofs. Having an insufficient roof slope promotes standing pools of rainwater and this increases the likelihood of leakage as the roof becomes older.

Roof drains should be installed at each low point of the roof. Since the roof joists have sagged it seems that they were not designed to support accumulated water. Therefore if you can add drains at the lower points of the roof it could prolong the life of your roof.

Flat Patio Roofing

Flat Patio Roofing

There are a wide range of patio designs that you can choose from, and you can tailor them according to your needs and preferences. However, it is important to wisely choose a good flat patio roofing to complement your home and provide you the right shelter for your outdoor enjoyment. The mere thought can be daunting, but here are some great tips for choosing the right patio roofing for your home.

Polycarbonate sheets are often used as canopies for patios. The material allows some light to pass through but can effectively block the UV rays and rain. Most of the polycarbonate roofing comes with a 10-year warranty for fade and crack resistance.

Another option for your patio roofing would be the canvas awnings, which has a wide range of styles and colors than you can choose from. You can also install a roll-away canvas awning of a freestanding aluminum frame so that you can move your makeshift patio anywhere in your yard.

Flat aluminum patio roofing can provide a more solid and long-lasting cover for all types of weather. Aluminum patio roofing materials can also withstand rust, chipping, peeling and cracking for a good number of years.

If you prefer the light, airy feel you can also choose the lattice type of patio roofing. You can find lattice in natural wood tones to match your existing color scheme of your house. Lattice roofing can offer minimal shade without cutting too much of sunlight.

These are just alternative that you can look up for your patio roofs. Your choice will basically depend on what is important for you, and what would better suit your needs and lifestyle.


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