Tile Roof Repair In Jupiter FL

Truths of Tile in Jupiter FL

Why is tile the most popular roof item on the planet? It has sturdiness beyond compare, energy cost savings, and security like no other roofing product. Continue reading to see why tile is the roofing system of choice for so many house owners in zip code 33458.

Created for Long Term PerformanceTurner Roofing

With over a century of appropriate field performance in other parts of the world, tiles offer the longest track record of efficiency compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. Its modern engineering style provides a natural water shedding and ventilation feature permitting tiles to be the main roofing covering in warm and cold climates (even decreasing ice damming in cold locations). Tile’s greater weight and strength allows it to meet the anticipated loads of today’s design requirements for all of the weather regions.

Offered in a Range of Colors and Styles

Roofing system tiles come in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. In fact, with modern innovations, concrete and clay roof tile manufacturers can produce tiles to fit any architectural style, from genuine Spanish and Mediterranean to New England Colonial, historic, or modern. Roofing tiles can be flat or round, imitate wood shakes, or seek to duplicate centuries-old roofing products. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Keep their Color scheme

Colors in tile originated from natural sources such as the color and mix of the clay used in clay tiles or from iron oxide pigments in concrete tiles, both of which are very long lasting. Tiles might experience varying degrees of color softening after extended direct exposure to the elements. Nevertheless, this strikes a lesser degree with roofing tile than with most other roof materials. Some clay roofing tile makers ensure their tiles versus fading for 50 years.

Can Support High Winds

Due to its resistance to extreme weather, concrete and clay tiles continue to be the favored roof product amongst property owners in the Southeast. With proper installation, tile roofing is one of a few select roofing systems that is shown to endure continual winds of 150 miles per hour found in Florida.


Clay and concrete tile roofing systems are among the most affordable options due to their long lifespan– 50 to 100 years or more. Both concrete and clay tile outlast other roofing products, with manufacturers providing service warranties from 50 years to the life of the structure. In fact, in Asia and Europe, many structures with clay roofing system tiles have remained intact, functional and lovely for centuries.

Need Limited Maintenance

All roof require some maintenance, and particular environments and areas have special issues to address no matter the kind of roof. Under normal conditions, tile roofing systems need very little maintenance. With tile, upkeep is limited to seamless gutters, protrusion flashing, and venting. With other roof, upkeep may include coating, painting, cleaning, and/or sealing the majority of the roof surface area.